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Niebling - Bore Blitz Barrel Cleaner - Rifle

.30 Cal
.30 Cal .270 Cal .338 .45 Cal .50 Cal

Niebling - Bore Blitz Barrel Cleaner - Rifle

BoreBlitz is a pull through cleaning device that cleans the barrel and chamber of any rifle fast and effectively in shooting direction, without the need to disassemble the gun. Simply drop the brass weight through the barrel of the unloaded firearm and pull the device through the barrel. Two sponges are woven into the textile string, each followed by a rubber ball and cleaning solutions can be used neutralize and absorb powder residues.
• BoreBlitz works with cleaning liquids, which is the most efficient way to neutralise powder residue without removing the film of bullet material, which is needed to ensure an unchanged point of impact, like brushes, would do.
• At the same time an integrated rubber ball ensures that after each stroke, the barrel is completely dry, which guarantees an unchanged point of impact. A second set of sponge and rubber ball could be used to double the effect or to use a different solvent.
• A free handgrip comes with every BoreBlitz which makes handling, even on the longest/tightest barrel easy and convenient.
• Every BoreBlitz comes with a free zipper bag, the best way to carry the whole cleaning kit in the gun case or range bag.
• The brass weight of the BoreBlitz is laser engraved with the calibre to make identification easy.

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